Grab Your Green Cleaning Starter Kit

Congratulations, your 7-Day Green Cleaning Challenge is on its way to your inbox! 

But first, I wanted to share with you my very favourite Toxin-Free Cleaning starter kit! 

Not only does it have all the essential oils you’ll need for the 7 Day Green Cleaning Challenge, it also includes a diffuser, which will help purify your air, and you’ll no longer have a need for synthetic air fresheners. 

Plus, essential oils are so versatile, you’ll be using them for so much more than cleaning! This kit will also enable you to overhaul your medicine cabinet.

Once you start cleaning with these magical oils, you’ll want to learn about all the other things they can do! 

If you order your starter kit right now, you’ll get some extra goodies from me, PLUS support + education with using your essential oils.

What’s Included in your Green Cleaning Starter Kit

doterra healthy start kit

5 ml bottles of each of the following essential oils:

  • Lemon (For your window cleaner + DIY cleaner)
  • Peppermint (Add a minty scent to your homemade cleaners!)
  • Tea Tree (mold & mildew)
  • Lavender (For linen sprays + to add to your dryer balls)
  • Oregano (Save this one for when you need to fight off a bug)
  • Frankincense (Spiritual grounding + skin support)
  • OnGuard (Your germ-fighting blend that smells like Christmas)
  • DigestZen (Not for cleaning, but great for upset tummies)
  • Deep Blue (To rub on your sore feet + muscles after you clean)
  • Easy Air (to open up your airways)

+ the brand new Pebble diffuser to diffuse essential oils into the air – to help clean and purify the air + support & uplift your mood & immune system.

Plus these additional items for your DIY Cleaners:

Wild Orange

For your furniture polish + mood uplifting


For your furniture polish + insect repellent


Your toilet cleaner + Laundry freshener

OnGuard Cleaner Concentrate

For your all-purpose cleaning spray + bathroom cleaner

Plus these exclusive bonuses from me if you order your kit within the next 24 hours:

  • Access to our Members-only Facebook group where you can ask all your oily questions
  • A FREE, personalized wellness consultation to help you make the best use of the oils in your kit
  • Access to my Spring Cleaning TRELLO Board, complete with deep-cleaning checklists for every room in your home, and tons more green cleaning recipes!

You’ll be able to clean your home from top to bottom, WITHOUT any harsh chemicals or toxins, with everything you’ll receive here, plus a few basic staple items that you most likely already have in your home: ie) Vinegar, rubbing alcohol or witch hazel, baking soda, and some liquid castile soap. 

How amazing would it be to NEVER have to buy cleaning supplies again? 

If you’re ready to grab your Green Cleaning starter kit and eliminate harsh chemicals from your home, just click the button below, and your green cleaning essential oils kit will be on its way to your doorstep.

As soon as I get the email that says you’ve ordered your kit, I’ll be in touch to send out your bonuses!