How to Become a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate

Are you passionate about health and wellness, and curious about the doTERRA business opportunity? Would you like to diversify your income, and learn to leverage the power of the internet to share your passion with the world? Becoming a doTERRA Wellness Advocate and selling essential oils is a great way to share your love of essential oils with others, while earning an income at the same time.

How I Got Started as a doTERRA Rep

Although I had been using natural products since 2007, I began to suspect that the products I was using weren’t truly natural. In 2014, I decided to try making my own products, and in order to do so, I wanted to ensure I was using only the highest quality essential oils.

After much research, it became clear that dōTERRA was second to none, in terms of purity, potency, and efficacy. I was also extremely pleased about their ethical sourcing and environmental stewardship.

At the same time, I was a single, homeschooling mom, and was seeking an opportunity to earn an income from home so I could continue to homeschool my children.

While I originally was only seeking out high quality essential oils for my family, the fact that dōTERRA also offered an amazing business opportunity seemed serendipitous. How perfect would it be to use these incredible products with my own family, while also sharing them with others and earning an income?

Although I was struggling financially, I saved up to buy the largest kit I could afford. Not only because it was the best value for my dollar (starter kits are deeply discounted), but also so I would have everything I needed to begin my essential oil business.

I started with the Home Essentials Kit, as it contains full-sized bottles of the top 10 oils, plus a diffuser. I knew this would meet the current needs of my family, plus give me the opportunity to learn about how to use these oils so I could teach it to others.

My very first goal was to recoup the cost of that starter kit as quickly as possible. So I invited my friends and family to an essential oil class at my home, which was taught my my upline mentor, so I could observe and learn how to teach classes myself.

After that class, many of my friends wanted me to host more classes so they could invite their friends. Very quickly (within 2 months), I had not only recouped the cost of my starter kit, but I was also earning enough to cover my monthly LRP order (Loyalty Rewards order, which is required in order to earn commissions from doTERRA).

So within 2 months of starting my dōTERRA business, I was earning enough to cover all of my personal essential oils and wellness products. I considered this a success, as now, none of these products that I needed for my family were coming out of my own personal budget!

As time went on and I continued to share the oils, I reached the rank of Silver within 2 years*. This meant that I was creating a solid, part-time income while still being able to be home with my small children. I cared for them and homeschooled them during the day, and taught classes in the evenings when they were in bed.

I continued to teach in-person essential oil classes for several years, but after the events of 2020 and beyond, I’ve now shifted my essential oil education online. I leverage my website, social media accounts, and email list to grow my doTERRA business.

I love that I no longer have to leave my home to teach people about essential oils!

Whether you prefer to share in-person, online, or a combination of both, I can share my experience with you and help guide you as you begin sharing doTERRA oils.

*Please note that these results are not typical. I’m only sharing my own personal story. My passion for these essential oils + my drive to help empower others to create wellness in their own homes is what drove me to grow quickly. I consistently taught classes on a weekly basis, which created momentum. Your own results will vary depending on how much effort you are willing to invest.

What is a Wellness Advocate?

A dōTERRA Wellness Advocate is an essential oils consultant. (We used to be called a doTERRA Independent Product Consultant, but we are now called Wellness Advocates).

When you join doTERRA, you’ll have the option to choose between being a Wholesale Customer or a Wellness Advocate.

A Wellness Advocate joins doTERRA with the intent of building an essential oil business. By law, you will be required to provide your Social Security Number/Social Insurance Number in order for doTERRA to pay you income.

Only a Wellness Advocate can earn income from doTERRA. A wholesale customer does not provide their SSN/SIN because they can NOT earn income from doTERRA.

As you begin to use and fall in love with your essential oils, you simply share your experiences with others. Whether that’s in person or online.

When someone is ready to get started with essential oils, whether they wish to be a customer or become a consultant themselves, you help guide them on their journey.

Why Become a Wellness Advocate

wellness advocate's desk with diffuser and essential oils

Becoming a doTERRA Wellness Advocate gives you the opportunity to grow a business that you can work around your own hours and schedule. It is completely flexible, and you build it on your terms. I built my business as a single mom of 3 kids, and was able to build it around my needs. Many others build their business while working a full-time day job.

doTERRA has an incredible team culture; it’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before. We all support and help each other, and cheer each other on.

dōTERRA is an incredibly stable, and debt-free company. The owners chose to mortgage their own houses to start this company, rather than having shareholders. They didn’t ever want to be beholden to shareholders and wanted to have full control over the ethics of the company. The owners did not even draw a paycheque for the entire first year, because their sole focus was to build a strong, stable company.

They definitely succeeded, as doTERRA is now the largest essential oil company in the world, with millions of customers, and its growth is compared the the likes of Apple.

doTERRA offers tons of free training and resources to provide the most support possible for their Wellness Advocates.

There are also paid tools you can purchase (brochures, sample bottles, etc) that are all done for you, so you don’t have to re-create the wheel like you would if you were building a traditional business.

How To Become a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate

You become a Wellness Advocate by first becoming a wholesale member. This means you get to purchase all your essential oil products at wholesale prices.

STEP 1: Go to the dōTERRA website and select your region and language.

STEP 2: Select any starter kit, or choose a standalone membership

The best way to become a doTERRA member is with the purchase of an enrollment kit. These are by far the best value for your dollar, plus they waive the wholesale membership fee. It also gives you a set of oils to work with as you get to know your oils.

However, you also have the option to enrol with a standalone membership. ($42 CND or $35 USD). This does not include any oils or products, but simply opens up your wholesale account and gives you a 25% discount on any future products you order.

STEP 3: Add any additional items you would like

Here is what I recommend to add to your kit if you are planning to do dōTERRA as a business:

  • fractionated coconut oil
  • coconut oil pump
  • empty roller bottles
  • spray bottles
  • bottle top stickers
  • a wooden oil storage box
  • Product Guide
  • Build Guide
  • sample bottles

STEP 4: Enter your shipping details + create your Wellness Advocate account.

When you set up your wholesale account, you’ll have the option to choose whether you want to be a Wholesale Customer, or a Wellness Advocate. I usually recommend beginning with a wholesale customer account while you begin to use the oils yourself and build your own experience.

You can upgrade to a Wellness Advocate account for free at any time.

STEP 5: Finalize your order.

STEP 6: Contact me and let me know you have enrolled so I can send you your welcome email and add you to our Facebook group.

What are the Requirements to Become a dōTERRA Distributor?

To become a doTERRA distributor and qualify for commissions, you will need to do the following:

  1. Open a Wellness Advocate account.
    (usually with the purchase of a starter kit, or if you enrolled as a wholesale customer, you’ll need to upgrade to a Wellness Advocate account). You also have the option to simply purchase a membership without any oils ($35 USD or $42 CND), but you can’t really share your experiences unless you’re using the oils yourself.
  2. Set up your monthly Loyalty Rewards cart.
    This is a monthly order that qualifies you for commissions. The minimum monthly order to qualify for commissions is 100 PV. (This usually ranges between $100-$150 depending on your currency and what types of products you’re buying). These are products you will purchase and use for your OWN use (in dōTERRA, we do not carry inventory to sell). I personally shifted all my grocery store and drug store spending over to doTERRA. I was already buying laundry soap, deodorant, skin care, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, vitamins, etc., so by ordering them through doTERRA instead, I automatically qualify for commissions. Plus I earn points on these products and end up getting all my essential oils for free! (Who doesn’t love free products?)

Learn more about the Loyalty Rewards Program.

What is Your Role as a dōTERRA Advocate?

1. Live

The most important part of becoming a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate, is to live the dōTERRA lifestyle. Incorporate essential oils and dōTERRA natural products into your day-to-day life.

  • Use your essential oils daily
  • Study about essential oils daily (I use the Essential Life book)
  • Use dōTERRA skincare products
  • Use the amazing Lifelong Vitality vitamins
  • Do your laundry with OnGuard laundry soap and essential oils on your dryer balls
  • Wash your hair with dōTERRA shampoo & conditioner (or the new, amazing shampoo & conditioner bars!)

Basically, you want to immerse yourself into the dōTERRA lifestyle so you can genuinely experience the benefits. You’ll begin to notice changes to your health and well-being. Your skin will glow. Your hair will shine. Your mood will improve. You may even have chronic health conditions disappear. People will begin asking you what you’re doing. This is the perfect time to start sharing.

I recommend living the dōTERRA lifestyle for at least 3 months before upgrading to a Wellness Advocate.

(Of course, if you’re super excited and can’t wait to start sharing, you can upgrade at any time. But you will be more confident with some experience under your belt).

2. Share

As a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate, you’ll be sharing your passion and knowledge of essential oils and natural living with others. Whether you choose to do this online, or in-person with classes, is entirely up to you.

Many people choose to do both. In-person classes allows you to connect and share with your friends and family, whom you already know and have an established relationship with. This is usually the fastest way to launch your doTERRA business.

Growing your business online takes longer, so you can be working on growing your online presence while sharing and teaching in-person. This gives you the best of both worlds: Immediate income from your in-person sharing, and residual income as your online business grows.

3. Enrol

In dōTERRA, we don’t order oils for people, collect money, or do deliveries. dōTERRA handles all of that for us. So our only job is to help guide people toward choosing their starter kit and opening their wholesale account. This way they get all their oils at 25% off (just like we do!), and they get access to all our team resources. Then they order their own essential oils and products through their online store, and it ships directly to them from dōTERRA.

4. Support

After you enrol your customer, you support your new customer as they begin their essential oil journey.

We offer training on our team for how to do this. Here are some of the ways I onboard my new customers:

Welcome Email

I personally send out a welcome email as soon as someone enrols with me, which outlines how to get started with essential oils & connects them to our team resources (including our Members’ Only Facebook group).

(If you enrol with one of our starter kits, you’ll receive this email and can see exactly what I include).

I also have a 14-day email learning series that guides people through their essential oil journey. This way, by the time they receive their oils in the mail, they will be ready to go!

Wellness Consultation

2 women sitting and reviewing essential oils

If you are sharing essential oils in person, I recommend doing a Wellness Consultation. This is where you sit down with your new customer after they receive their oils, show them how to use their oils safely (using carrier oil, etc), how to make a roller bottle, and how to use resources such as The Essential Life book to find the answers to their essential oil questions. It usually takes about an hour, but leaves them feeling much more confident and excited about using their oils.

If you are enrolling online, you can do this via Zoom, or you can simply send them an email or a series of emails to help walk them through it.

Facebook Groups

You can invite your new customer to our team Facebook group, and/or you can create your own group for your personal customers where you can continue to educate and support them as they learn about oils.

Monthly Newsletter

I send out a monthly newsletter to my customers, which outlines any monthly promotions, team events, plus tips on how to use their essential oils.

How do I Earn an Income as a Wellness Advocate? The doTERRA Compensation Plan

There are 5 ways to earn income as a Wellness Advocate. This may feel overwhelming for now, but all you really need to know is that each time someone orders doTERRA from you, you get paid. As you gain more experience, you will learn more about the different types of commission payments.

1. Retail Sales

As a Wellness Advocate, you will get a free dōTERRA website that links to you. You can send people a direct link to a product, and if they purchase it at retail price, you will earn a 25% commission.

I almost never sell oils at retail price, because it’s not what’s best for the customer. Since anyone can open a wholesale customer account, and get their oils at 25% off, this is what I recommend. Starter kits are the best value, since they save so much money vs buying oils individually. They also waive the wholesale account fee. However if a person has already purchased a few of the oils at retail price, then buying a kit no longer makes sense for them. It means they end up spending more money on their oils.

To earn commission on retail sales, you do NOT have to have a 100 PV Loyalty Rewards order. As long as you have an active Wellness Advocate account (place at least one order per year), you can earn commissions on retail sales. For the remaining types of commissions, you will need to have your LRP order in place.

2. Fast Start Bonus

Whenever someone creates their own wholesale account through your link, you will earn 20% commission on not only their first order, but on anything else they order within their first 60 days.

Your commission is based on the PV (product value) of the order, not the dollar value. This is because doTERRA is an international company, and prices and currency value varies from country to country. PV is a way to standardize the value of each product for the purpose of commission payments and promotions.

So, for example, if someone orders a starter kit worth 100 PV, you will earn $20 on that purchase. If they spend another 100 PV the following month, you’ll earn another $20.

3. Power of 3 Bonus

The Power of 3 Bonus is a bonus based on our Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP). Our LRP program is an optional program, that rewards our customers for placing an order every month. (It is also required as a Wellness Advocate in order to qualify for commissions). When you have 3 more more customers or Wellness Advocates who are ordering 100 PV or more through their LRP cart each month, you earn a $50 (USD) monthly bonus.

This bonus can duplicate up to 3 levels deep. So if you enroll 3 Wellness Advocates who earn their own Power of 3 bonus, your bonus goes up to $250/month.

If each of those 3 Wellness Advocates duplicates the same thing, then their bonus goes up to $250, and yours goes up to $1500/month.

The Power of 3 bonus is the fastest way to not only get your own products paid for, but to begin creating consistent monthly income.

4. Unilevel Bonus

The Unilevel Bonus is where your long-term residual income comes from.

After the Fast Start period (your customer’s first 60 days), your commission drops to a lower, residual percentage. This is the amount you will earn each time your customer places an order for the rest of their life. While this is a small amount per customer, the more customers you have, this amount accumulates.

doTERRA’s amazing product line means we have an extremely high retention rate. The majority of our customers (65-70%) order on a monthly basis.

In time, your Unilevel Bonus will be the largest part of your doTERRA cheque.

5. Leadership Bonuses

As your essential oil team members grow, you will reach new ranks in doTERRA.

When you reach certain ranks (Premier and above), you will qualify for monthly bonuses based on a percentage of the entire company’s revenue. Think of it like profit sharing.

This is doTERRA’s way of encouraging our Wellness Advocates to work together and support each other. The more each of us grows, the more the company grows, which increases our profit sharing pool.

Unlike other companies in the MLM industry, doTERRA encourages kindness and cooperation between Wellness Advocates.

Growing a doTERRA business is hard work, and like anything worth doing, it doesn’t become successful overnight. But if you’re willing to invest your time and energy, it is a great opportunity that will pay off in many different ways.

I personally find it very fulfilling to share my passion for wellness for others. I would be doing it regardless, so getting paid for it is a bonus!

What Support do I Get as a Wellness Advocate?

Each team does things a little differently. If you already have a doTERRA account, you’ll want to connect with the person who helped you enrol. That person will be your guide and mentor as you grow your doTERRA business.

Unless you haven’t placed an order for 6 or more months, you aren’t able to switch teams. dōTERRA encourages us to “bloom where we’re planted”.

If you haven’t yet opened your doTERRA account, and you wish to start a business, you’ll want to be mindful of who you choose to enrol under. Some people only share doTERRA casually and aren’t really building a doTERRA business. They may not be the idea person to mentor you as you grow your business, since they aren’t really building a business themselves. Sometimes they will have an upline who is serious about their business and will be able to help you.

If you choose to join the Creekside Wellness Team, with me as your enroller, I can mentor you whether you choose to build your business in person, online, or both!

Although I can’t build your business for you, you’ll have access to all of our team resources, our Creekside Wellness Leaders support group, and an email training series that walks you through how to start your business, step-by-step.

doTERRA will give you a free replicated website. This is where you can access your personalized links to share with others. It’s also where you can send people to open their wholesale account. Although I do recommend eventually having your own personal website (like this one!) where your customers can get to know you, and learn more before making a decision.

Our team Facebook group contains all the info and resources you’ll need to build your dōTERRA business.

Is Becoming a doTERRA Consultant Right for Me?

People who are successful in doTERRA tend to:

  • have an entrepreneurial spirit
  • take initiative
  • are passionate about helping others
  • aren’t afraid to learn new things
  • are coachable
  • love to have the freedom to choose when and where they want to work
  • have a desire to create lifelong residual income
  • understand that this is not get-rich-quick and are prepared for the long game
  • are willing to do hard things, understanding that they are only hard in the beginning (ie – learning new technology)
  • love to learn and expand their mind all the time
  • work on personal development in all facets (physical, emotional, financial, spiritual, etc).
  • are willing to live the doTERRA lifestyle: incorporate oils into their daily life, swapping out their skin care, cleaning, and laundry products, taking the supplements so they truly radiate wellness from the inside out.

If this sounds like you, then doTERRA could be the perfect business opportunity for you!

If you’d like to work with me, fill out this contact form and tell me a little about yourself, and I’ll be in touch!

If you have questions, check out my FAQ section below. If these don’t answer your questions, feel free to add your questions in your message to me.

If you’re ready to begin now, go ahead and hop over to my Getting Started page to select your kit! I’m excited to work with you and to see what you are ready to create.

Alissa McCaw doTERRA wellness advocate

Have you thought about becoming a doTERRA Wellness Advocate, and selling doTERRA essential oils?

Are you curious about the opportunity, what it involves, and whether you can truly be successful at it?

When I first decided to sell doTERRA, I was a single mom, homeschooling my kids, and I NEEDED a way to be able to earn an income from home.

I discovered the doTERRA opportunity, and within 2 months I was earning enough to cover the cost of my starter kit and my monthly wellness order. Within 2 years I had reached a leadership rank in the company.

I often get questions from people wanting to know how to become a doTERRA Wellness Advocate. I thought I would put a few of them together in an FAQ.

A. The vast majority of people who enrol with a dōTERRA wholesale account, simply want to get high quality essential oils at the best possible price.

To help differentiate between those who are simply customers wanting a discount, and those who wish to have a doTERRA business, dōTERRA came out with 2 different types of membership: Wholesale Customer and Wellness Advocate.

When you enrol with your own account, you simply choose which option you would like.

I recommend beginning as a Wholesale Customer. That way you get a chance to use and get to know your oils. When you’re ready to launch your business, we can upgrade you to a Wellness Advocate at no cost.

A Wellness Advocate is required to enter their Social Insurance Number/Social Security Number in order to earn an income.

Whether you want to be a wholesale customer, or a Wellness Advocate, you begin the same way – by ordering a starter kit.

When you order your starter kit, it will give you two options: Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate.

I usually suggested starting off as a Wholesale Customer, so you have time to use and learn about your products before trying to sell them.

You can upgrade your account at any time. If you choose me as your enroller (support person), I’ll walk you through those steps when we get to them.

doterra wellness advocate or wholesale customer

A. No.

You can choose to build your business at your own pace and as it suits you.

Obviously, your results are determined by your efforts. The harder you work, the more you can earn.

A. You can get started for as little as $42 CDN or $35 USD (this will open your Wellness Advocate Account), but I recommend getting started with an enrolment kit.

You will need to be using essential oils in order to begin sharing them, so you might as well go ahead and get a starter kit. It waives your membership fee and you get your products at a discounted rate for bundling them.

In order to qualify to earn commissions, you need to order 100 PV worth of product per month through the Loyalty Rewards Program. These are products for your own personal use (in doTERRA we don’t carry inventory).

The reason for this is that in order to truly understand and be able to sell doTERRA essential oils and natural health products, you need to be actively using them yourself. You’ll need to be a product of the product.

There are tons of other products besides essential oils though.

I suggest shifting your drug store/grocery store spending over to dōTERRA.

We have everything from toothpaste to skin care to cleaning products, shampoo to laundry soap to vitamins. You can have safe, healthy versions of all of these shipped right to your door and qualify to earn commissions. Depending on what you’re buying for your 100 PV, it averages around $150 a month.

This is money we were ALREADY spending in our budget – we just shifted it to doTERRA instead. We were already buying shampoo, conditioner, laundry soap, vitamins, toothpaste, deodorant, etc. Now we get safe, natural, healthy versions, and qualify to earn commissions.

A. No.

In doTERRA we simply purchase and use our own products. You can share samples from your own bottles, and use your own oils for doing classes or consultations.

What we do is teach people how to use the oils, which ones would best meet their needs, and then help them set up their own Wholesale Customer account. Their oils will ship right to their door directly from dōTERRA, just like yours did!

I recommend NOT carrying inventory or re-selling product, as that’s not how the doTERRA business structure works. Other network companies operate that way, but doTERRA does not.

doTERRA handles orders, customer service, payment collection, and shipping.

A. No.

We simply introduce people to essential oils, and show them how easy it is to open their own wholesale account.

They get a great deal (25% off retail, plus the option to earn points through our loyalty program, with no obligation to purchase anything further), and it saves us time and energy.

People simply place their order through their own personal shopping cart, pay dōTERRA directly, and their products will come right to their doorstep.

They don’t have to wait until we are placing our monthly order, and then arrange a time for pick-up/delivery. It’s much simpler!

YOU earn commissions when other people order on their own account.

A. No.

Classes are completely optional, but they are a fast and effective way to grow your business. Most people begin by sharing essential oils with their friends and family.

However, you can choose to build your business in any way you wish! Whether that’s online, person-to-person, or in group format.

I started with in-person classes, but have since shifted to using social media and my blog to sell essential oils. I can reach a much wider audience, and I don’t have to leave my home!

I love selling essential oils online, and I can teach you how to do the same.

A. If you are brand new to essential oils, I recommend taking your first 90 days just to get to know your oils.

I actually recommend starting with the largest kit you can afford – this will give you a wide variety of personal experiences to draw from. The more products you use and play with, the more quickly you will become experienced with them.

View our starter kits here.

In your 2nd month, you can join the Loyalty Rewards Program to begin adding to your collection, and learning about other oils outside of your starter kit.

You’ll need a resource book so you’ll be able to confidently look up which oils do what. I recommend the Essential Life Book

You don’t have to be an essential oils expert if you have a resource book.

You won’t be giving people health or medical advice – I simply have my customers purchase their own resource book, so they can be empowered in their own health care.

Our job as Wellness Advocates is to guide people on their journey and help them become empowered in natural health and wellness.

A. We are all busy – I’ve never come across anyone who decided to build a doTERRA business because they were bored and have lots of free time on their hands. 😉 Most do it because they’re passionate about healthy living, want to share it with others, and earn an income at the same time.

Just like you would recommend a great movie or a restaurant or a plumber to a friend, if you’ve just put peppermint on your temples and your headache disappeared, you will probably tell someone about it.

As much as possible, I simply integrate my business activities into my day to day life.

However, if you want to treat this as a real business and create growth, I recommend committing to investing a minimum of 1-2 hours per day, 5 days per week.

You can increase that over time if you wish, but consistency is the most important part of growing your business.

An hour a day is much better than spending a big chunk of time once a month. The more consistent you are, the more people will take you seriously, and thus you will create growth and momentum in your business.

I do my “Power Hour” before my kids get up in the morning – you can break tasks up throughout the day, or work at it in the evening, or whenever it works for you.

In doTERRA, your earnings are literally unlimited. In fact, you can earn more than the people above you if you so choose.

A. There are SO MANY advantages to having a home-based business. The tax write-offs alone make it worth while. Getting a 2nd job often means HIGHER taxes, where having a business can reduce the taxes you pay.

Also, with a job, you are at the mercy of your employer. Your employer decides how many hours you can work, what your hourly wage is, and WHEN you have to work.

Having your own business means you can work from home, on your own schedule, and heck, even in your pyjamas. How many hours and how much you earn is completely up to you.

The harder you work, the more money you can earn. There is no ceiling on your earnings. As an employee, your wage is probably capped. And chances are pretty good you will never make more than your boss.

Also, doTERRA Wellness Advocates create RESIDUAL income.

This means that instead of trading hours for dollars like with a traditional job (ie – you work 1 hour, you get paid x dollars), in doTERRA, we work hard to grow a business, and then get paid on our efforts for the rest of our life.

Having your own business means you OWN your own business, no one can take it away from you. Where I’m pretty sure if you don’t show up for a job, you won’t get paid. In fact, you would probably get fired.

A. The cost of entry is extremely low compared to starting a traditional business. You can get started for just the cost of your starter kit. You don’t have to invest in equipment, inventory, a store front, insurance, advertising, training materials, staff, etc.

You don’t have to handle payments or payroll. dōTERRA handles all that on our behalf, our job is simply to get out there and share the oils.

Plus you have the advantage of joining an established company – many small businesses fail within their first year. When you’re joining an established, existing company, your risk is almost nil. You can grow your doTERRA business without going into debt and putting your personal finances on the line.

If you are willing to work hard, you can earn back the cost of your starter kit and your monthly order quickly. Most businesses take years before they are in the black.

Your monthly business investment is extremely reasonable – just 100 PV worth of products that you and your family use personally. Compare that to the cost of starting a brick and mortar business – carrying inventory, paying for overhead, employees, etc. – network marketing is like a home-based franchise, where someone has done all the hard and expensive stuff for you.

A. It’s up to you.

You can choose to earn just enough to cover the cost of your monthly essential oil order so you are effectively getting your own oils and products for free. Or you can choose to supplement your income, help pay for some extra bills or debts, maybe save up for a vacation. Or you can choose to replace and multiply your existing income. If you’re interested in leaving your current job and doing doTERRA full-time, you can do that. You can create a life of flexibility and freedom if you choose.

It depends how much effort you’re willing to invest.

It’s important to be realistic with your goals, and to be willing to be in it for the long-haul. It’s extremely rare to reach these leadership ranks in a very short period of time.

Leaders in doTERRA tend to be focused and determined, and don’t get easily discouraged when they don’t achieve success immediately. They see the big picture, and are willing to do what it takes to get there.

Here are the average MONTHLY earnings of a doTERRA Wellness Advocate at each rank:

Someone at Elite rank is earning all their own personal products free, plus covering the cost of their business expenses.

Premier and Silver ranks will earn you a part-time income.

Gold and Platinum would be a full-time income for most people.

Diamond and beyond are where you multiply your income, and many people are able to bring their spouses home at these ranks.

A. No.

I’m not your boss, and I won’t chase you. When you choose to become a Wellness Advocate, you are starting your own business. What you choose to do (or not do), is up to you.

As your enroller, I’m here as your guide and mentor. I’ll direct you toward training resources and add you to my team Facebook group. But whether you work or not is up to you – we are all simply building our own independent businesses.

I have a facebook group for all builders on my team who are doing doTERRA as a business on some level. I post in this group regularly, and have resources available for all of the builders on our team to access.

I provide personal mentorship to those who are coachable and taking action in their doTERRA business.

A. Initially, your primary goal will be to earn enough to cover your monthly doTERRA order, so that your own products are effectively free. This is done through something called a Fast Start Bonus, which is what you earn each time you help someone get started with their own doTERRA account.

My first goal was to get my own products paid for as quickly as possible. I reached this goal in 2 months and have not paid for my doTERRA products since 2014.

The Fast Start bonus is 20% of whatever your new customer orders in their first 60 days. If they order a 100 PV enrolment kit, you would earn $20 on that. If they order another 100 PV the following month through the Loyalty Rewards Program, you would earn another $20 on that.

The Fast Start bonus pays out weekly from doTERRA, and will show up in your doTERRA account as a credit that you can use toward your order. You can earn unlimited Fast Starts – the more people you help get started with doTERRA, the higher your Fast Start cheques will be.

After your new customer’s first 60 days (which is when you’ll invest the MOST time and energy into helping them), your commission will drop to a lower, residual percentage on anything they order for the rest of their life. This percentage may not seem like much, but the more customers you have, the faster it adds up. This is your RESIDUAL income stream – the income that starts slow and grows month after month, and eventually will be the largest portion of your income.

I generally tell people to expect not to profit during their first year. It’s a business and an investment, and takes time to grow. It’s not get-rich-quick. Sometimes it takes people a bit of time to adjust to the fact that they’re not trading hours for dollars (like traditional employment, where you earn x amount per hour). Your earnings will grow slowly over time, and if you stick it out, you will be well rewarded in the future.

What you’re building is a financial pipeline, which could take care of you and your family for years to come. I generally tell people to expect it to take 3-5 years to substantially supplement or replace your income. But that time is going to pass anyway… why not spend it investing in your future?

If you wish to be successful, you will need to treat it as a real business – not a hobby! Hobbies don’t earn money.

Treat it like a brick and mortar business if you want to achieve success. Show up every day, preferably at the same time, create a schedule and stick to it. If you only open your doors when you feel like it, then you don’t have a business, you have a hobby.

A. No. 🙂 Pyramid schemes are actually illegal. It’s basically taking people’s money and no product being involved.

dōTERRA is a Multi-Level Marketing company.

One of the first decisions doTERRA had to make was how to market their product. Instead of spending their money on advertising, overhead, etc., they decided to invest that money into people like you and I, who could be sharing these products with others. Caring about people, and teaching them how to use essential oils safely and effectively. Creating a sense of community. Something you wouldn’t get when buying oils off a shelf.

It also creates a very generous opportunity for anyone who wishes to create an income.

The reason network marketing companies sometimes have a reputation for making people lose money, has nothing to do with the business model, and everything to do with the expectations of people who do it.

People who have a good understanding of business and entrepreneurship generally are more successful in network marketing than those who don’t – simply because they understand that they need to invest time and money up front, in order to see a long-term return.

People with an employee mindset (who are used to trading hours for dollars – ie) I earn $X/hour) may have a harder time adjusting to the upfront effort needed in order to create long-term residual income. However, anyone can be successful with the right mindset.

If you go into this with the right expectations, you will be successful. If you expect to get rich quick, you will quit, and probably blame network marketing. 😉

A. Perfect.

I don’t want you to be. Your job is to use the oils, care about others, and share them. Just as you might pull a Tylenol out of your purse for someone who has a headache, you can just as easily pull out your bottle of peppermint and offer to share a drop. I would actually feel terrible if I knew I had something that could help someone and I didn’t offer to share it with them.

Being a good sales person is all about SERVING your customer.

Not about selling them things they don’t want or need. Think about the last time you had a great experience with a sales person. Did they go out of their way to answer your questions, help you feel comfortable, and get you the right product for your needs and budget?

THAT is what a good sales person does.

Our job is to educate and support people as they grow on their essential oil journey.

A. You will get your own “Virtual Office” where you can track your business, your sales volume, your team, and your orders.

You will be able to order your own products at wholesale price (25% off).

You will also get a free personalized website where you can send people for more information, to shop, or enrol with their own wholesale account (although I do suggest making your own online website or landing page where people can spend some time getting to know you first!).

This is what my doTERRA website looks like.

A. The first thing you’ll want to do is choose which kit you want to begin with. You can have a look at them here: Get Started

I recommend the Healthy Habits Kit, which sets you up for overall wellness from the inside out.

Choose the Wellness Advocate option if you wish to begin your business right away, or if you want to spend the first 90 days exploring your oils (recommended), choose the Wholesale Customer option.

Select your country, choose your starter kit, and fill out your personal info.

Contact me with the form below, once you have ordered your kit, and I’ll get you added to my exclusive members-only group for continuing education, so you can start learning how to use your oils right away!

If I missed any questions that you might have, feel free to contact me with the form below. I look forward to working with you!

A. Perfect! Then you have everything you need in order to begin your own doTERRA business. You will want to reach out to whoever enrolled you, to help you get started with your doTERRA business.

Unfortunately I am only able to mentor those who are personally enrolled with me.

Whoever you enrol with will be your guide and mentor on not just your essential oils journey, but your business journey as well. It’s important to choose this mentor carefully.

If you’re not sure who your enroller is, or your enroller is no longer doing doTERRA as a business and is unable to coach you – feel free to message me and I’m happy to show you how to connect with someone further up in your organization. 

If you have no upline support, and have not placed an order on your doTERRA account in 6 months or more, it is possible to switch teams. Message me and I can guide you on how to do that.

Have more questions about becoming a doTERRA Wellness Advocate? Fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you!

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