Hello! Welcome to Creekside Simplicity!

I’m Alissa! I’m a homeschooling, homesteading mama, and we’ve recently moved from the city to a 2 1/2 acre property in the country. 

We honed our skills on our little 1/8 acre lot in town, and are now seeking to expand on our self-sufficiency. 

Our blog used to be called ‘Simple Life in the City’, but we re-named it Creekside Simplicity, since our new property has a creek running through it, and our goal is to live a simple, old-fashioned life.

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I wrote a blog post and recorded a property tour video, which you can see here.

We are a proud homeschooling family, and our lifestyle is our curriculum.

Whenever possible, we use real-life learning experiences for education.

The kids are part of everything we do on the homestead, including growing food, caring for our chickens and ducks, making food from scratch, and learning to do basic household chores, like cleaning and laundry.

For the rest of our homeschool curriculum, we use a holistic Waldorf-based curriculum, called Waldorf Essentials.

Here’s a video that was done by our friends at Kilam Media, back when we were still Simple Life in the City, that shows a little of our lifestyle.

We are working on becoming more self-reliant

Our goal is to become as self-reliant as possible on our 2 1/2 acres. 

  • growing our own food
  • preserving what we can’t eat fresh
  • fermenting and home brewing
  • Raising chickens and ducks for eggs
  • sewing and mending
  • reducing our waste
  • making our own personal care and cleaning products
  • becoming less reliant on the electrical grid whenever possible
  • using natural forms of health care, like herbs and essential oils

Working from Home

Working from home was important to me, as it’s what allows me to homeschool our children, in addition to taking care of our household and homestead.

I work from home as an essential oil educator and wellness advocate. I love teaching people how to empower themselves by choosing natural forms of healthcare, as well as creating financial freedom for themselves, if that is something they desire.

I also love to blog about our lifestyle, in hopes it might inspire others to live a simpler, more self-sufficient life as well.

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