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Create a life of freedom by living more simply: Homemaking, homesteading, natural living, real food.

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Find ways to simplify your life, by creating a simple home, growing a garden, learning natural remedies, and nourishing your body with real food.

Homemaking & Simple Living

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Get my Homemaking Routines Digital Planner!

Organize your daily and weekly routines with my Homemaking Routines Trello Template.


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Real Food

Simple, Real Food Tips & Recipes

Welcome! I’m Alissa!

My husband and I, along with our 3 teenagers, and our dog Skye, live on a 2.5 acre homestead on the outskirts of a small village in Ontario, Canada.

We strive to grow as much food as possible on our small homestead, as well as medicinal herbs, and we raise ducks and chickens for eggs.

I wasn’t raised this way – I grew up in apartments in the city, having never planted a seed, and barely knew what vegetables were.

But I always dreamed of living simply, so I studied hard and learned as I went.

If I can do it, you can, too!

I love help other women like me create a life of freedom, by leaving the rat race behind:

Simplifying our homes, connecting to the earth, growing food, preserving food as our ancestors did, learning how to use natural remedies instead of man-made ones, removing toxins from our homes, and embracing real, nutritious food.

Join me for tips and inspiration on how to live a simple, natural life.


Although it may seem counter-intuitive, simple living requires a lot of planning! Since we do everything for ourselves, we have to stay organized, or the wheels come off pretty quickly.

I use a free app called Trello to organize everything related to simple living. From planning out my weekly routines, to organizing my garden, keeping a pantry inventory, and keeping track of all my recipes.

I’ve created these templates that you can purchase to help you get organized, too!

Homemaking Routines

Create an old-fashioned homemaking schedule with the Homemaking Routines Trello Template.

Each day of the week has its own theme, just like homemakers did in the old days.

“Wash on Monday, Iron on Tuesday, etc…”

In addition to that, we have daily routines that must be done every day to keep our homes tidy and running smoothly.

Garden Planning

Keep track of all your gardening tasks.

Everything from your to-do list, to your seed inventory, planting dates, and more.

You don’t have to be overwhelmed when it comes to growing your own food!

Canning & Food Preservation

Once you start preserving your own food, you’ll want a way to keep track of all those recipes!

You’ll also need to plan out how many jars of each item you want to preserve, and then keep track of you inventory.

You can do all that and more with the Canning & Food Preservation Trello Board.

Pantry Inventory & Price List

Preparedness is a big part of simple living.

Start building a food storage, so you have your own personal grocery store to shop from.

Use the Pantry Inventory & Price List to keep track of what you want to stock up on, how much you have, and track sale prices, so you’ll never pay full price for food again.

Mockup of MacBook, iPhone and iPad displaying the Trello Pantry Inventory template.
mockup of a MacBook, iPhone, and iPad displaying the Trello meal planning template

Meal Planner & Recipe Organizer

Keep track of all your favorite recipes in one place!

Stop hunting around on the internet, trying to find that one recipe you made, but you can’t remember where you found it.

The Trello Meal Planner & Recipe Organizer allows you to store all your recipes, ingredients, and meal plans in one convenient place.