doTERRA Refer-a-Friend Program

Do you love essential oils, but you’re not interested in having an essential oils business? doTERRA’s new Refer-a-Friend program makes it possible to get your own essential oils and wellness products paid for, simply by sharing your unique referral link.

What Is dōTERRA’s Refer-a-Friend Program?

Refer-a-Friend is a brand new program launching April 3, 2023, and it’s one of the most exciting things ever to come to dōTERRA.

As you may know, dōTERRA currently has 2 types of members:

Wholesale Customers

Wholesale customers are dōTERRA members who are only interested in using the essential oils & natural products personally. They are not interested in a dōTERRA business. They simply love dōTERRA products and become a member so they can gain access to 25% off everything they order + the opportunity to earn points through our amazing Loyalty Rewards Program.

Wholesale Customers also get access to continuing education & support from their upline.

Wholesale Customers CANNOT:

  • have a downline of customers
  • sell essential oils
  • earn any income from dōTERRA

If you’re not yet a dōTERRA customer and would like to become one, you can do that here.

Wellness Advocates

Wellness Advocates are dōTERRA members who love and are passionate about natural health and wellness. They use tons of dōTERRA products in their daily life, and want to help others get healthy, too.

Wellness Advocates intentionally share dōTERRA with others in order to grow a business.

Wellness Advocates get all the same perks as Wholesale Customers: 25% off their products, access to the Loyalty Rewards Program so they can earn 10-30% back in rewards, free shipping on orders of 100 PV or more, and access to continuing education & support.

But in addition to that, they CAN:

  • Have a downline of customers, where they get paid every time that customer places an order
  • Can grow a business that is unlimited in terms of income
  • Structure their organization in a way that maximizes their income and bonuses
  • Have access to training tools & support
  • Opportunities to attend leader training events

You can learn more about becoming a Wellness Advocate here.


The Refer-a-Friend program makes it so that Wholesale Customers can share dōTERRA WITHOUT the responsibility of building a business, having a downline to support, or any of the tax implications that come with having a business.

Think of it like an affiliate program – you love a product, you tell a friend, the friend buys it, and you get store credit as a thank-you!

You will earn 20% of your friend’s first order in dōTERRA Dollars. These can be used to purchase anything in your dōTERRA store!

Now let’s chat about the details of how all this works…

How to Refer a Friend

As a wholesale customer, starting on April 3rd, when you log into your online dōTERRA store, you will see a link pop up that’s your new Refer-a-Friend link.

Copy and paste this link into a note on your phone.

Whenever you are chatting with a friend about oils, you can text them your link.

If they place an order through your link, THEY get 25% off, and YOU earn a 20% in-store credit with dōTERRA! There is no minimum amount that you will earn credit on. If they order 20 PV worth of product, you get a $4 credit. If they order 100 PV worth of product, you get a $20 credit.

Easy Peasy! What a fantastic way to get your own essential oils & wellness products paid for!

In the world of online marketing, there are TONS of ways you can share essential oils! Here are just a few ideas:

  • Post on your favourite social media about ways you are using and loving your oils
  • Host an online class (which your enroller will teach! You just invite your friends. Message your enroller about this option)
  • Host an in-person class (taught by your enroller – your friend will order using your referral link)
  • Use Facebook & Instagram stories to share about your favourite oils. You can embed clickable links in your stories
  • Make short TikTok videos or Instagram/FB reels about how you use oils. Make sure your profile has your referral link, since you can’t embed links in reels or TikToks.
  • Take a picture of yourself using your oils or wellness products & make a post about it on Instagram or Facebook
  • Share essential oil samples with people you meet in person, then if they want to order, text them your link

Benefits for Your Friends

When you refer your friend to dōTERRA:

  • they get a FREE wholesale membership for 1 year, and 25% off everything they order (only when they order through your link. They do not get these perks if they order directly through the dōTERRA website).
  • they will get FREE shipping if their order is 100 PV or more.
  • if their first order is 150 PV or more, they will get a free diffuser!
  • they will get access to your upline for continuing support & education
  • if you’re on my team, your referral will be invited to join our members only Facebook group, and get access to our email education series

Benefits for You

Through the Refer-a-Friend program, you get to love using your oils and natural products, share them with your friends and family, and earn free essential oils! It’s so simple. You won’t have any of the responsibility of managing a dōTERRA business.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Refer-a-Friend Program

No! All you have to have is an active dōTERRA wholesale account. The dōTERRA wholesale account fee is now waived for the first year for new members (provided they join through a referral link from a Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate). If you wish to renew your account after 1 year, it costs $25 USD or $30 CND, but dōTERRA will send you a free bottle of peppermint oil, which basically makes your renewal free!

The maximum you can earn through dōTERRA’s refer-a-friend program is $599 per year in the US, or $499 per year in Canada.

If you max out the referral program, you are clearly a Super Sharer, and may wish to consider becoming a Wellness Advocate instead. A Wellness Advocate earns in actual cash (rather than in-store credit), and your earnings are unlimited.

No! That’s the beauty of the Refer-a-Friend program. You earn store credit as a thank-you for referring your friend to your upline in dōTERRA! Whoever enrolled YOU into dōTERRA will receive an email that you shared your link with your friend and they made a purchase. Your enroller will make sure they are well taken care of, and will ensure they get all the support & education they need.

If your team has an education group for customers like ours does, your friend will be invited to join that group and get access to all the same perks that you do.

People sometimes order for their friends on their own account, but this isn’t what’s best for you OR for them.

The only way you can benefit from ordering for your friends through your own account is that you can earn Loyalty Rewards points. However, you have to deal with ordering the product, getting it to them, collecting payment, figuring out sales tax, etc. Why would you want to do that when your friend can just order it themselves, make their payment to dōTERRA, and it ships right to them?

Plus, as a Wholesale Customer, you are not allowed to resell essential oils. (Wellness Advocates are allowed to re-sell essential oils, but we must charge retail price, as we are not allowed to share our wholesale discount).

If your friend has any type of reaction to the product, or an issue, YOU would actually be responsible for handling it. Since they didn’t order it directly from doTERRA on their own account, dōTERRA has no record of them making a purchase, and therefore cannot help them with their issue.

As a Wholesale Customer, I’m guessing you don’t want that kind of responsibility! So it’s best to just let them order it directly from dōTERRA.

Also, when you order for your friends, they are missing out on all the perks of membership! They don’t have the opportunity to earn 10-30% back in rewards for themselves, or access to education & support from a Wellness Advocate. When they get their own account, they get access to ALL the perks, just like you do!

No! dōTERRA has now WAIVED the first year membership fee for new members, providing they order through your special link. That means you’re not only saving them 25% on their order, you’re also helping them save that membership fee of $42 CND/$35 USD!

So even if your friend only wants to order one item, it’s still best for them to order it themselves through their own account!

If you are currently a Wellness Advocate but really not interested in building a business, you just want to casually share here and there and earn some free product, there is an option for you to downgrade to a Wholesale Customer.

If you do not have a downline and have not earned ANY income from dōTERRA in the past year, you can contact dōTERRA and ask them to change your membership to a Wholesale Customer.

The Refer-a-Friend program is going to be so fun for you, since there are zero strings attached! All you have to do is share your link.

You can certainly share your link in person, but social media is a perfect way to begin referring your friends & family. Share your favourite products along with your order link and start earning dōTERRA dollars!

No! Think of dōTERRA dollars like cash. It will show up in your account as product credit. You can use your cash the same way you would use any other payment method, like a credit card.

If you have $50 in doTERRA Dollars, you can use that to pay for your order! With points, you can’t buy certain things with them – like diffusers, rollerbottles, or brand new products. Your dōTERRA Dollars will buy anything – even your membership renewal fee!

You could, theoretically, never pay for anything out of your own pocket, and just collect dōTERRA Dollars and spend those!

You can do this any time! If you find you really enjoy sharing and are ready to take on the responsibility of having a dōTERRA business, you can upgrade to a Wellness Advocate account for free. In order to earn as a Wellness Advocate, you will need to maintain a personal 100 PV Loyalty Rewards order. If you’re already using and loving dōTERRA products, this won’t be an issue for you!

One thing to keep in mind is that when you were in the Refer-a-Friend program, you were unable to have a downline, so anyone you referred went under your upline.

dōTERRA has made a provision that if you upgrade to a Wellness Advocate, anyone you referred in your last 60 days as a Wholesale Customer can be moved under you. However, anyone you referred prior to the past 60 days has permanently been placed elsewhere on your upline’s team and likely will not be able to be moved under you.

So if you think you might be interested in upgrading to a Wellness Advocate, let your enroller know asap so they can help you.

Learn more about becoming a Wellness Advocate.

Currently, dōTERRA’s Refer-a-Friend program is only open to Wholesale Customers in the US & Canada. dōTERRA always launches new programs into limited markets first, so they can work out any kinks before rolling it out globally. But be patient, I’m sure it won’t be much longer before it will be available in your market.

Through the Refer-a-Friend program, you will only earn on your friend’s very first order. This is your thank you gift for introducing your friend to dōTERRA. Since you do not want a dōTERRA business and can’t have a downline, your enroller will take over supporting your friend and will earn any commissions going forward.

If you change your mind and would like to build a dōTERRA business so you can earn on the lifetime orders of your referrals, you can upgrade to a Wellness Advocate at any time. Being a Wellness Advocate comes with more responsibility, so make sure you chat with your enroller about what this entails before choosing to upgrade.

How does the Refer-a-Friend Program Benefit Wellness Advocates?

If you’re currently a Wellness Advocate, you might wonder how this new program benefits you.

More Referrals

Prior to the Refer-a-Friend Program, it was difficult to get customers to refer people to you, because customers had no interest in doing the ‘business side’ of dōTERRA. We would have to try to convince them to upgrade to a Wellness Advocate, so they could benefit from friends or family members they introduced to dōTERRA.

This frequently led to frustration and confusion, as your customer did not want to do the business, and did not want to be a Wellness Advocate! Therefore they didn’t refer anyone to you.

Now your customer can freely share, WITHOUT feeling any pressure to do the business! They can remain a customer and earn free product.

This will lead to more referrals.

No More Hostess Rewards

You no longer have to worry about providing hostess rewards, as doTERRA has taken care of this!

Simply have your customer’s class attendees place their order through your hostess’ referral link. Your hostess will earn 20% rewards which they can spend on any doTERRA products they want! You no longer have to carry any inventory for hostess rewards.

We Get Paid on dōTERRA Dollars

When a wholesale customer earns dōTERRA dollars, and they spend their dollars, you earn your normal commissions on those orders, just as you would if they used any other payment method.

Online Classes

Online classes will be a breeze, since your customers can invite their friends & family and share their referral link with them. Their friends & family get a free membership + 25% off their order. We no longer have to explain the wholesale membership fee, since there isn’t one! 

Lifetime Earnings

Wholesale customers only earn the 20% fast start on their referral’s initial order. Any other orders they place for the rest of their lives, we earn commissions on.

Click here to open your own doTERRA account and become a doTERRA Referral Partner!