doTERRA Monthly Promotions – March 2023

On the first of each month, dōTERRA offers new monthly specials! These specials run for one month only. Some are for existing members, some are for new members, and some are for everyone! I update this page each month to show the current monthly doTERRA promotions.

March 2023 dōTERRA Promotions

Happy March! ☘️ Here you’ll find the dōTERRA promotions for this month.

I’ll mark the Canadian promos with a 🇨🇦 and the US promos with a 🇺🇸

Don’t have a doTERRA account yet? Hop over here to open your dōTERRA wholesale account to get 25% off everything you order, and qualify for all the below promotions!

10% Off Ginger


Ginger 15 ml is 10% off during the month of March. Add it to your enrolment purchase and you’ll get 25% off retail, PLUS an additional 10% off. 

Benefits of Ginger Essential Oil

  • Supports healthy digestion when used internally
  • Eases occasional indigestion and nausea when used as an internal-use digestive aid
  • Provides a soothing and calming aroma

How to Use Ginger Essential Oil

  • Diffuse or inhale from palms of hands while on a long car ride.
  • Apply over lower abdomen for a soothing massage.
  • Use in your favorite sweet and savory dishes

FREE Cheer Touch

🇨🇦(Existing Members Only)

For existing wholesale members only, place a 125 PV Loyalty Rewards Order by March 15th, and receive a FREE 10 ml Cheer Touch!

doTERRA Cheer Touch combines Fractionated Coconut Oil with the fresh, sunshine-like aroma of the original doTERRA Cheer essential oil blend. Convenient and gentle, this roll-on is ideal for children and those with sensitive skin. doTERRA Cheer Touch can be applied anytime for an aromatic boost that will brighten any moment of your day.

I personally love to use this as perfume!

Benefits of Cheer Touch Essential Oil Blend

  • Has a bright, citrusy, joyful aroma
  • Inspires an optimistic and cheerful atmosphere
  • Delivers doTERRA Cheer in an effective, easy-to-use roll-on applicator
  • Gentle on sensitive skin

How to Use Cheer Touch

  • Roll over the heart during your morning affirmations.
  • Apply to your neck and wrists for an elevating aroma.
  • Roll on the bottoms of your feet for an uplifting aroma to start your day.
  • Inhale throughout the day for a brightening boost.

Free doTERRA Fiber Sample Pack


For existing wholesale members only, place a 125 PV Loyalty Rewards Order by March 15th, and receive a FREE sample 3-pack of dōTERRA Fiber!

doTERRA Fiber is sourced from whole food sources like apple, tapioca, and flax seed to support a healthy and regular digestive system, control appetite, and support the metabolic process. Fiber is a fantastic macronutrient that supports many different health functions within the body, not just the digestive system, including the cardiovascular and the immune systems.

Benefits of doTERRA Fiber

  • High source of fiber
  • Contains high potency vitamin C
  • Helps maintain a healthy microbiome
  • Promotes healthy digestive function
  • May support cardiovascular health
  • May support the immune system
  • May help support metabolic processes
  • May support weight management goals

How to Use doTERRA Fiber

Mix one scoop of doTERRA Fiber with ten ounces of water. Drink immediately.

Save on dōTERRA with a Starter Kit

As always, the best way to get started with essential oils is with one of our starter kits.

Our bundled kits are deeply discounted, and give you 25% off everything you order for the next year, plus full access to all of the dōTERRA promotions, including the Free Product of the Month Club!

There are no monthly requirements or commitments.

Other perks of ordering a starter kit through me:

  • Support from me as you learn how to use essential oils
  • Access to our private customer Facebook group for continuing education & support
  • Access to all of our team resources
  • Free ‘I have my oils, now what?’ guide
  • Support if you wish to start your own essential oils business

View our starter kits here.

FREE Membership with any 150 PV Order

🇺🇸🇨🇦 (New Members Only)

Want to build your own starter kit? Select any combination of products that total 150 PV (Product Value) or higher, and get a FREE doTERRA Wholesale Membership!

To build your own starter kit, go here, choose your region, then select Pick Your Own Products. Add products to your cart until your total reaches 150 PV or more. Your membership fee will be waived, and you’ll get free shipping, too!

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