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Apple Scrap Vinegar

Apple Scrap Vinegar

Apple scrap vinegar is incredibly simple to make, and almost free!

Course Fermented
Keyword apple scrap vinegar
Time until ready to use 28 days
Author Alissa McCaw


  • Apple Scraps
  • Organic Cane Sugar
  • Water Non-Chlorinated


  1. Peel apples, and place cores and peels into the jar - until the jar is 1/2 to 3/4 full.

  2. Make a sugar solution with a ratio of 1 Tbsp of organic cane sugar to 1 cup of water (multiply this by the number of cups you need to fill your jar). Heat on the stove and stir, until sugar is fully dissolved into the water.

  3. Allow sugar water solution to cool.

  4. Pour sugar water solution over the apple scraps, until the solution is almost up to the neck of the jar.

  5. Place a napkin over the jar and seal with a rubber band.

  6. Stir vigorously twice a day for a week.

  7. In week 2, remove the cloth and stir occasionally.

  8. After 2 weeks since beginning your scrap vinegar, strain out the apple scraps, and transfer the liquid to smaller jars. Cover the jars with a cloth.

  9. 2 weeks after transferring the liquid to smaller jars, remove the cloth and cap the jars. Your apple scrap vinegar is now ready to use! Store it in a cool, dark location.