The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, Part 5: Komono

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Well, it seems I was so caught up in the process of Konmari-ing (yes, that’s a verb!) that I neglected to come here and tell you all about it. 🙂 I have almost finished the process, but thought I would come back and update you! So, Komono is basically Japanese for “Miscellaneous”. Basically, anything that isn’t clothes, books, papers, or sentimental. In other words, MOST of what is in your house!! This was a huge category to tackle, but thanks to this life-saving checklist, I was able to tackle it sub-category by sub-category, until I had completed all of them. This included Office/Craft, Kitchen, Pantry, Utility Room, Living Room, Children’s Rooms, Bathroom/Laundry, and Furniture. Oh my. That was a LOT. The strange thing is, checklists make me happy. So happy in fact, that I can’t seem to stop until I get through them. Once they were broken into manageable categories, I was able to blow through them pretty quickly.


Since we homeschool, there is a lot of overlap between office supplies and craft supplies (they tend to get used for both), so those categories went well together.

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