Master Your Metabolism

Have you been feeling run down?

Wondering why you don’t have the same amount of energy as you used to?

Are your hair and nails dry and brittle?

Do you have trouble focusing?

Are your hormones out of whack?

Is your mood unstable? Do you often feel sad, angry, irritable, anxious?

Do you crave sugar and caffeine?

Have you been struggling to gain or lose weight?

Do you frequently experience headaches?

Are your joints achey?

essential oils for health and wellness

If you answered yes to any of the above, then this Master Your Metabolism Program is for you!

It’s only a 10-Day program, so obviously it’s not going to fix all of your issues in 10 days.

What it’s designed to do, is to teach you new, healthy habits that you can carry into your life.

join me 10 day master your metabolism

In my 10 day Master Your Metabolism program, you will:

  • Increase your water intake – at least half your body weight in ounces per day! Let’s flush out those toxins!
  • Reduce or eliminate inflammatory foods
  • Learn the basics of getting high quality sleep
  • Learn how to balance and regulate your hormones
  • Clean up your beauty routine to make it less toxic
  • Use high quality supplements and therapeutic grade essential oils to support your body in wellness.
  • Learn to move your body daily
  • Learn how to eliminate sugar cravings and teach your body to burn fat instead
  • Reduce stress and improve your mood

What do you get when you join my 10 Day Master Your Metabolism Challenge?

join me master your metabolism

  • A beautiful workbook with dos and don’ts, daily checklists for oils, supplements, water intake, and more; recipes and tips to teach you how to master your metabolism
  • Exclusive access to our private Facebook group where we’ll be running the challenge, and for continuing education and support
  • 10 days of education on how to support your body in wellness

Our LIVE Facebook challenge will begin January 27th, but you’ll have lifetime access to the tools and program – so you can do it any time!

How do I get access?

master your metabolism workbook preview

This 10 Day Master Your Metabolism Program is an exclusive perk of joining our doTERRA Wellness Team. 

Here are your options:

  1. If you are already on our team, fill out the contact form below with your name and doTERRA ID#, and I will send you the workbook and the program!
  2. If you do not yet have a doTERRA wholesale account, now is the time to grab one! You’ll get access to all of the above, PLUS all the tools and resources I make available to my team in the future.

I’ve put together a shopping cart where you can purchase all the  supplies we’ll be using for the challenge.

You’ll be getting the Healthy Habits enrolment kit, PLUS the additional oils and supplements we’ll be using in the program.

The challenge is only 10 days, but the supplies will last you MUCH longer than that. The supplements are a 30 day supply, plus the oils will last you a LONG time – the 15 ml bottles have 250 drops, and the 5 ml bottles in the starter kit have 85 drops. You’ll only be using 1-2 drops at a time.

Clicking this link will take you to a shopping page that gives you everything you need to do the challenge. You’ll also be joining our doTERRA wellness team!

This link will open in a new window, so once you’ve finished doing that, you can come back and get the rest of the info.

Order your Master Your Metabolism Enrolment Package (Canada)

(For Canadians. Prices are in USD but include Canadian taxes and shipping.)

Order your Master Your Metabolism Enrolment Package (USA)

(For anyone who lives in the U.S.A. Prices in USD).

Don’t live in Canada or the US? Contact me and tell me your country and I’ll put together a package for you!

You won’t be alone on your wellness journey, you’ll be joining a tribe of people who have similar wellness goals – we’ll all be striving together.

I’ve ordered my package and I’m ready to begin!

After your order your package, fill out the contact form below and let me know you have ordered, and you would like the Master Your Metabolism Program! I’ll send you an email to get you started.

Congratulations on beginning this journey to health and wellness! We need to care for ourselves before we can care for others! Putting yourself first is NOT selfish, it’s necessary in order to live your best, most wonderful life.

if not now, when?

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