The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, Part 6: Play Room

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So according to the checklist, what they’re referring to when they say Children’s Rooms is basically toys. I really completed the kids’ actual bedrooms back when I did clothing, as that’s primarily what is in my kids’ rooms. I’m not big on storing toys in kids’ rooms, as I feel they should be a place of rest, not a place of play. So I did this category along with our homeschool room.

We follow a Waldorf philosophy for both education and our lifestyle, so we tend to be pretty minimal in the toy department anyway. My preference is for open-ended toys, made of natural materials. I strive to have a minimal amount of plastic, so we did end up purging a few items that didn’t fit with our toy values. The only real plastic exception I make is Lego, which is played with every single day here!

toy shelf

This is our main toy shelf – you can see there is not a ton of stuff here. Mainly open-ended toys like blocks, cars, wooden animals, dolls, etc. To the left you can see the two wicker trunks that hold our Lego. The smaller trunk holds regular Lego, and just out of view to the left of that is a larger trunk that holds Duplo.

nature shelf

This is our nature area – a place to change up seasonally and add anything to do with nature.

puzzle/craft area

This is our craft/puzzle area. A place to hang out and do handwork or work on puzzles.

train set

Our wooden train set – it doesn’t get played with as much now that the kids are getting a little older, but still a favourite that gets set up from time to time!

doll house

This doll house was made by my boyfriend a few years ago – it probably gets more play than any other item in our play room! It gets decorated for the seasons and for different events. Although it’s August right now, it currently has Christmas lights strung on it, and a lit up Christmas tree!

Sorry for the darkish pictures, our playroom/homeschool space is in our basement, although it does get a great amount of light during the day, and is cozy at night!

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