The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, Part 5: Office/Craft

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So life got in the way, and I have neglected to post the remainder of the Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up series.

After papers were completed, it was time to tackle the fun stuff: Komono. Komono is basically everything in your home that isn’t clothes, books, or paper. This is where I felt like I would start noticing a real difference in my home. Clothes, books, and paper were a very big undertaking and it felt SO good to have those done, but I felt like they didn’t make a big visual impact – the effects of those types of clutter were more hidden.  I was really excited to get on with Komono.

This checklist was so hugely helpful in getting through this process. I am a huge fan of checklists; they keep me focused and on track. And when you are a mom of 3 with 10,000 distractions in a day, it is so very helpful to just go back to the checklist and see where you left off. Next on the checklist was Office/Craft. This worked perfectly because after finishing papers, it seemed like the next logical thing to tackle. There wasn’t much left to organize in my office after papers were done. I have a dresser I use for storing my office supplies so I went through it by category and discarded and organized what remained. The biggest part of this category for us was our homeschool room. I chose to include this room as part of office/craft because it is where almost all of our craft supplies are stored, along with school supplies.

Homeschool Supplies
The room felt so much better, completely purged of all the things that were no longer bringing us joy.

Homeschool Room, after KonMari

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