Lacto-Fermented Beets

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I tend to play it safe, and use traditional canning/pickling recipes for our winter preserves. But I do love to experiment with fermentation. I decided to give lacto-fermented beets a whirl!

As with anything, I always like to do things in the simplest possible way, and fermenting is no exception! This is a very simple recipe that anyone can replicate.

Lacto-Fermented Beets

Ingredients & Supplies:

  • Filtered water (see my preferred water filtration system here).
  • Sea salt
  • Beets (preferably fresh from the farmer’s market)
  • Mason jar (I used a 2L)
  • Measuring cup


  1. Make a brine solution in a ratio of 1 tbsp sea salt to 1 cup of brine. I made a total of 4 cups (so 4 cups water, 4 tbsp sea salt). Dissolve the sea salt into the filtered water.You want to use filtered water if you live in the city like me, because tap water contains chlorine, which will kill the bacteria you are trying to grow.I highly recommend the Berkey water filtration system – It removes not only chlorine, but also bacteria, viruses, fluoride, arsenic, pesticides, herbicides and other harmful toxins. Basically all the junk you don’t want in your drinking water!
jar of sea salt and a glass measuring cup

2. Wash, peel and chop your beets into bite-sized pieces. I purchased a 3L basket of beets, and it was more than enough to fill a 2L jar.

Simple lacto-fermented beets

3. Place the beets into the jar, leaving a little space at the top

Simple facto-fermented beets

4. Add optional flavourings. I added 1 tbsp caraway seeds, and 3 garlic cloves, sliced.

Simple facto-fermented beets

5. Pour brine over the beets, making sure they are fully immersed

Simple facto-fermented beets

6. Place lid on top and lightly screw but do not close tightly

Simple facto-fermented beets

7. About twice a day, tighten the lid down, tip it upside down, and re-loosen the lid. This is to make sure everything stays covered in brine and you don’t develop mold.

8. After about 3 days, transfer to fridge

9. Let sit in fridge for a week or two before enjoying.

I hope you find that simple enough to give it a try! Let me know in the comments if you gave it a go. 🙂

Simple Lacto-Fermented Beets

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