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IMG_2801This time of year is all about garden planning for us. We are still pretty new to this whole gardening gig – gardening was not part of my life growing up, so over the past few years I’ve tried to learn a little more each year. Luckily, a garden is a great teacher, and we learn from our mistakes and try to do better the next year!


Last year we attempted to grow our plants from seed, but it was a big flop, so this year we are trying again.


We follow a weekly rhythm for our chores, and Saturday is our Gardening Day. So in the winter, we use this day to do garden planning, and seed starting in spring. Each Saturday we start a few more plants from seed, and water, and wait. 🙂


I came across this wonderfully simple biodynamic crop rotation system, so we used it to plan out our 4 raised beds.


This year I hope to graduate to the 8-bed system.


I like having a plan like this, because it enables me to sort my seeds accordingly, and it makes it SO simple to plan what is going in each bed. We are big fans of the Square Foot Gardening method. I’ve used it right from the start, and it makes gardening SO simple and easy – it’s like Gardening for Dummies! This book has been my bible – it gives detailed info on each plant, how many seeds to plant per square foot, what seeds to start indoors and when, it even gives detailed instructions on how to build the raised beds and what to fill them with. I would highly, highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to get started with gardening but doesn’t know where to begin. If you happen to buy it from the Amazon link above, I will receive a few cents from your purchase, which I promise to use to buy more seeds. 🙂


Looking forward to late spring, when our garden beds are no longer covered in snow, and we can get our hands in the warm dirt and start planting. 🙂


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