Are you interested in joining my doTERRA referral program and becoming an essential oils referral partner? You’ve come to the right place! Learn how my doTERRA referral program works! 

Doterra referral program

Why become a doTERRA Referral Partner

The vast majority of the people who choose to get started with dōTERRA essential oils, simply want to be customers. They are not interested in building a doTERRA business; they just want to get their essential oils and natural products at the best possible price.

With my doTERRA referral program, not only can you get wholesale pricing on your own essential oils and wellness products, you can also work toward earning your oils for free, simply by referring people to me when they would like to get started with essential oils. 

How does the doTERRA Referral Program work?

My doTERRA referral program is a great option for those who are not interested in building a doTERRA business, but would like the opportunity to earn free products by sending referrals to Creekside Simplicity. 

(If you ARE interested in building your own doTERRA business and earning an income, you’ll want to go here instead!)

You’ll first need to open your own doTERRA account under me. You can do that here

Tier 1 Referral Partner

If someone you refer to me chooses to open their own wholesale account, YOU will earn 2% of anything they order after their first 60 days, for the rest of their life, without having to do the business.

This will show up in your doTERRA account as a credit, which you can then spend on free product!

I’LL help get them started, invite them to our customer support group, and make sure they have everything they need. YOU earn residual commissions just for referring them to me. 

The more people you refer, the more you earn – it all adds up! 

Tier 2 Referral Partner

Increase your free doTERRA through our Power of 3 Bonus. This is a $50/month bonus you can earn, in addition to the 2% from Tier 1. You can earn this bonus when enough of your referrals join our Loyalty Rewards Program! Your $50/month (during qualifying months) will show up as an account credit which you can spend on essential oils and wellness products. 

Tier 3 Referral Partner

Become a Tier 3 Referral Partner by teaching the people you refer about my referral program! When 3 you refer achieve their own Power of 3 Bonus, they get the $50 bonus, and your bonus goes up to $250! That’s more than enough to pay for all your essential oils and wellness products. 

What are the Requirements for the doTERRA Essential Oils Referral Program?

As I mentioned above, you first need to open your own doTERRA account. This must be your first time opening a doTERRA account. If you’ve had a doTERRA account previously, please contact me using the form below to see if you qualify. 

To qualify for the 2% earnings (Tier 1), you need to order a minimum of 50 PV/month through our Loyalty Rewards Program. This is super easy to do when you fall in love with the products. Remember, we don’t just have essential oils! We have everything from shampoo & conditioner, to toothpaste, to vitamins, laundry soap, cleaning solutions, and so much more. I simply order all those products from doTERRA each month. It saves me time, money, and energy!

To qualify for Tiers 2 and 3, you’ll need to order 100 PV/month through our Loyalty Rewards Program. As I mentioned above, it’s not hard once you just switch over your grocery store and drug store spending to doTERRA! Get safer, healthier versions of all the products you’re already buying.

Through our Loyalty Rewards program you also earn back 10-30% on what you order, plus you get reimbursed for your shipping costs with free product credit! 

Join my doTERRA Referral Program

  1. To be a referral partner, your first step is to enrol under me with your own wholesale account. You can either choose a starter kit for the best value (recommended, enrolment fee is waived), or you can choose the enrolment fee and select your own products. 
  2. Choose the Wellness Advocate option (this is required if you wish to earn commissions)
  3. Set up your monthly rewards ordering – you can change your order every month, and cancel it any time you wish (but once you cancel you will no longer qualify for my referral program). 
  4. When you’re ready to refer people, you’ll want to send them to this link to open their own doTERRA account. Have them let me know you referred them so I can make sure you get credit. 

How do I Upgrade from being a Referral Partner to building a business if I change my mind?

You can switch from being a referral partner to being a doTERRA business builder at any time! My referral program is simply an option for those who aren’t interested in doing the business. But if you change your mind, you can learn more about the business opportunity here.

Instead of referring people to me, I’ll show you how to get people started yourself.  

Click here to open your own doTERRA account and become a Creekside Simplicity doTERRA Referral Partner! 

Fill out the form below and let me know you’re interested in becoming a referral partner, and we’ll be in touch! 

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