10 Ways Essential Oils Save Money

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Before I started seriously using essential oils, I was buying a lot of natural products that contained essential oils, not realizing how simple it would be to simply make those products myself. Natural products are expensive to purchase pre-made, but keeping a few basic supplies on hand – like high quality, therapeutic grade essential oils, and some basic ingredients, you can easily make them yourself, saving tons of money over time.

If you’re currently buying conventional (rather than natural) products, then not only will you begin saving money, but your health will improve as well!

Back in 2014, I decided I wanted to learn how to make some of my own products, both to save money, as well as to have control over the ingredients in the products we were using. It would also greatly reduce packaging waste, since I could re-use the same containers over and over again – and waste reduction is important to our family!

I did a ton of research on essential oils. I really didn’t know anything about them, but knew that if I was going to spend the time to make my own products, I wanted the highest quality ingredients, and that included the essential oils I was using.

I didn’t realize that there was such a huge variation in the quality and potency of different brands. That cheaper brands often contain fillers and synthetic fragrance boosters – and I obviously didn’t want those things in the products I was making. Not to mention that with high quality oils, you need a much smaller amount. Cheaper oils aren’t really cheaper if you have to use 2-3 times as much!

So don’t waste your money; start off with the best. You can see the brand I recommend here.

Here are the top 10 ways essential oils save our family money:

10 Ways Essential Oils Save Money

1. I no longer purchase any type of over the counter products. Everything I need is in my box of oils. With 250 drops per bottle, and only 1 drop needed per application, it literally costs pennies per use.

No more Tylenol, Advil, muscle rub, Tums, etc. There is literally an oil for every ailment.

Essential Oils save money

2. I don’t buy things like bug spray (for the humans or the dog), after sun spray, etc.

These items are so simple to DIY when you have oils and simple ingredients on hand (witch hazel, aloe gel, etc). Plus I get to re-use my spray bottles over and over again, which saves the environment, too!

3. I can DIY my personal care products, like tooth powder, soap, etc.

I love knowing what’s in the products I put on my body, in addition to saving money!

4. No more gum/breath mints, etc.

Not only are those expensive, they are not very good for you! I keep a bottle of peppermint in my purse. I can put a drop on my tongue to freshen my breath, rub a drop on my temples if I have a headache, or rub some on the back of my neck to cool down and wake up. Multi purpose! And only 12 cents per drop.

5. I no longer purchase cleaning supplies.

I make my own, using simple ingredients from my pantry, and my essential oils. This also allows me to re-use and re-purpose containers, which has drastically decreased our waste, and saved us hundreds of dollars. The all-natural cleaner I used to purchase from the health food aisle at the grocery store, cost between $5 and $6 a bottle. My homemade versions cost me pennies.

6. I do not purchase any products for scenting my home.

No more candles, plug ins, air freshening sprays, etc. I simply diffuse oils. Scented products are toxic, and high quality essential oils actually have heath BENEFITS.

I used to LOVE burning scented candles, because I liked the ambiance they added to my home. What I didn’t love, was the toxins they gave off, that my children and I were breathing in.

When I gave them up, I really missed having a welcoming scent in my home. Introducing an essential oil diffuser filled that need, and was much less expensive, since you only need 4-5 drops of a high quality essential oil in a diffuser (cheaper brands will tell you to use 2-3 times as many drops to get the same effect – plus, you’re getting unwanted toxins with those brands).

A single bottle of essential oil will re-fill a diffuser 50 times.

Have you also noticed that the same essential oils are getting used multiple ways? The hallmark of simple living and cost savings, is having one product that serves multiple purposes.

7. I do not purchase dryer sheets or fabric softener.

Not only are they expensive, they are toxic, and terrible for the environment. I use wool dryer balls with a few drops of essential oils. These can be re-used indefinitely, and since they are wool, if they do eventually break down, they can be composted.

Dryer balls are a one-time purchase that can be used over and over again. In our home, we have eliminated single-use products, because you are literally throwing your money away when you purchase disposable products. Replacing them with reusables may cost more money up front, but it then eliminates that repeat cost from your monthly budget.

I love to add Citrus Bliss to my dryer balls – it smells heavenly on our clothes!

8. No more car air fresheners.

I diffuse essential oils in my vehicle, too! It not only keeps things smelling clean and fresh, but it keeps myself and my passengers feeling calm and peaceful while we drive.

The diffuser shown in the pic is no longer available, but here is another one that I own and love:

Essential oil car diffuser

9. I get my shampoo, conditioner, laundry soap, cleaning concentrate etc. for FREE because I purchase my essential oils through the Loyalty Rewards program.

Every month, I earn points back on my orders, which I then cash in for free products. The products I get from dōTERRA are safe, healthy, and natural, and smell INCREDIBLE. I have never been happier with those products than I’ve been since switching to the dōTERRA versions.

You could also flip this around and do it the opposite way. Simply replace all of your usual grocery store spending (laundry soap, vitamins, cleaners, shampoo, skin care) with dōTERRA. Use your points to get your essential oils for free! Either way, it’s a win/win.

10. Since I do this as a business, I actually get everything for free – because my earnings more than cover all of my oils and products, plus I’m creating an income for my family.

There are also tax advantages to having a home-based business!

So many products that I used to purchase at the store, no longer have to come out of my family’s budget. I switched them to doTERRA, and now get them all for free.

As a recap, here are things I no longer buy out of our family budget:

  • shampoo & conditioner
  • skincare products
  • bubble bath
  • cleaning supplies
  • vitamins/supplements
  • laundry soap
  • toothpaste
  • over the counter products
  • first aid products
  • scented products
  • gum/breath mints

…and more! How great would it be if you could simply wipe all of those items out of your budget for good? All of these items used to come out of our monthly grocery budget, but now, pretty much all that comes out of our grocery budget, is actual food. (Ok, and toilet paper).

It also saves me time and energy. I order all of my oils and products once a month, and they get delivered to my door. I don’t have to waste time hunting down natural products, paying shipping from multiple different websites, or waste gas driving from store to store, getting the different products I need. I spend far less time at the grocery store, since most of our food comes from the farmer’s market, and I don’t really have to shop for much else!

I also get my shipping costs reimbursed as product credit, so I’m not even paying for shipping.

The time I save gets re-directed to other cost saving measures for our family – like growing our own food, making things from scratch, and hanging laundry on the clothesline. When you have more time, you can save more money, because you are no longer doing things out of convenience. All of these little things add up to big savings.

It’s a mind set flip to start thinking about essential oils as an investment rather than an expense. Yes, there is an upfront cost to getting started, but in the long run you’re going to replace so many products that you will no longer have to buy! Plus you’ll be healthier, to boot.

Even if you don’t choose to do this as a business like I do, they are still going to save you tons of money over time.

Begin saving money with essential oils today!

High quality essential oils are an investment. The most cost-effective way to purchase them is with a starter kit, which costs money up front, but will save you a ton of money over time!

If you’re ready to begin saving money today, you can get your essential oils here! There are several starter kits at various price points, depending on how much you want to invest up front. The larger the kit, the greater the savings.

The kit I started with, and the one I recommend, is the Home Essentials Kit. It contains the Top 10 essential oils that will allow you to replace most of the items you’re currently buying at the store. It also comes with a diffuser, so you can stop buying plug-ins, scented candles, and air freshening sprays. It includes a beautiful book, showing all of the essential oils and what they’re good for.

Plus you’ll get a free wholesale membership, which means that anything you purchase over the next year, you’ll get 25% off! Purchasing your oils with a wholesale account is what I recommend, as you’ll receive even greater savings, plus you’ll have the opportunity to earn points toward free essential oils.

Get started with essential oils here.

How do essential oils save money in your family?

I’d love to hear some ways that essential oils save your family money as well – share your thoughts in the comments below!

10 ways essential oils save money

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